Due to its cutting-edge machine shop, ISPT is capable of answering complex research questions as well as developing and producing challenging serial products.

We focus on forming technologies in particular metal extrusion.

The following list shows exemplary the processes that we can employ.

Extrusion (direct)                         

Diameter recipient66 mm146 mm / 102 mm
Circumscribed circle40 mm150 mm
Ram velocityUp to 7mm/sUp to 10 mm/s
Recipient temperatureUp to 450°CUp to 430 °C
Tool temperatureUp to 450°CUp to 440 °C


  • Excenterpress
  • Servo forming & stamping press
  • Stamping press

Bending machines

  • 3D-Profile bending machine
  • Incremental tube bending machine
  • Form bending machine
  • Tube bending machine

Incremental and high velocity forming machines

  • Incremental forming machine
  • Multi-axis-press for sheet metal forming
  • 3 machines for electromagnetic forming and joining (1.5 to 32 kJ)