Simulation Driven Design

With simulation solutions from the Altair Inspire family, simulations are no longer constrained to the later stages of the development cycle. Inspire enables the user to check the performance and optimize designs over the whole development cycle. Part quality and feasibility assessment are possible in the RFQ phase generating value at the earliest stage.

All Altair Inspire solutions share the same intuitive interface and workflow and can be used with the same license system. This system gives maximum flexibility to the user with minimum training necessary.
This enables the use of Altair Inspire solutions in different departments with the same license providing added value to the whole company.

Solutions from the Altair Inspire family enable simulation driven design

Solutions for every task

  • Topology optimization with Altair Inspire
  • Casting simulation with Inspire Cast
  • Extrusion simulation with Inspire Extrude/Polymer
  • Forming simulation with Inspire Form
  • Polyurethane foam simulation with Inspire Polyfoam
  • Injection molding simulation with Inspire Mold
  • additive manufacturing simulation SLM with Inspire Print3D
  • 3D modeling and design with Inspire Studio