Altair Inspire Extrude Metal provides the user with a fully integrated simulation solution covering the whole process to identify areas of interest and to improve every aspect of the extrusion process from tool and die geometry to process parameters.
Altair Inspire Extrude Metal makes it possible for companies to tackle the ongoing challenge for tool manufacturers and extrusion companies.
Producing aluminum extrusions of the highest quality with a complex geometry and challenging materials. Uniform product quality from a safe and robust process is challenged by the complex interaction between geometric, process and material dependent characteristics.

With Altair Extrude Metal companies can take on that challenge and benefit of Altair’s long history and experience with HyperXtrude in a streamlined userfriendly way.

Altair Inspire Extrude Metal, flow volume
Altair Inspire Extrude Metal, contact condition

Improvement in surface finish and early defect detection
  • Profile deformation
  • Deviations in wall thickness
  • Die lines and pickups

Improvements of mechanical properties due to early detection of non surface defects like:
  • Charge weld length
  • Quality and position of the seam weld
  • Billet skin influence
  • Microstructure prediction

Increased productivity and reaching of production goals:
  • Improved guiding surfaces
  • Reduced tool deformation
  • Reduction in ram-failures
  • Reduction in recipient expansion
  • Better thermal management
  • Reduced tool wear
  • Dummy block failures
  • Container line expansion
  • Die wear and excessive heating
  • Improper thermal management
Altair Inspire Extrude Metal, definition of pressure
Altair Inspire Extrude Metal, results display temperature
Small changes make the difference

The intuitive user interface and the automatization of laborious modelling tasks makes Altair Inspire Extrude Metal very user friendly. Integrated tutorials and Altair’s unique online learning resources make otherwise mandatory expensive trainings dispensable thus increasing return of investment for the company.