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We like to introduce you to Altair One, the innovative platform that scales with your requirements.

On Premise, HPC or collaborative working in a cloud based environment, Altair One enables you to utilize not only your resources but also Altairs.
With Altair One your rescources can scale with your demands.

Altair Units provide maximum flexibility in licensing and usable software products from Altair and the Altair Partner Alliance, ready to meet your demands.

What are Altair Units (AU)?

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Why Simulation-Driven Design?

With Altair One and Altair Inspire, simulation is no longer confined to the verification of designs and projects at a advanced stage. Instead we can deploy the full potential even in the earliest phases of the design process, thus driving the development process over the whole development cycle.
That is simulation driven design.

Altair Inspire

Topology and structural optimization and simulation suite for designers and engineers

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Manufacturing Simulation

Casting, printing, injection molding, polymer and metal extrusion and many more.
Optimize the process and increase profitability

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Altair SimLab

Processoriented multiphysics simulation suite enabling the analysis of complex assemblies

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Altair SimSolid

A groundbraking advanced simulation system that enables the user to analyze complex designs in seconds to minutes

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