What is Altair Inspire

Altair Inspire is a sophisticated and highly efficient topology and structure optimization and simulation suite, leveraging the power of Altair’s Optistruct and SimSolid solvers. Different boundary conditions and simulation cases from linear static to motion analysis and more make a holistic approach possible that’s uniquely Altair. One solution, many uses.

Why Altair Inspire?

The baseline of every optimization is a robust simulation which Altair Inspire provides with the capabilities of the industry proven Optistruct and MotionSolve solvers. With these simulation results, users can optimize material usage based on an automated iterative process which produces high quality designs.
Altair Inspire is used by designers and design engineers to optimize products, components and whole assemblies, generating value over the whole part lifecycle.

Altair Inspire topology optimization

Altair Inspire topology optimization

Increased part quality and profitability

  • Fast analysis and first impression benefit the RFQ phase
  • Leverage cost savings due to material use reduction or replacement with alternatives of lower cost
  • Design for different manufacturing options from one model
  • Powerful tryout modules for casting and forming processes
  • Simulation Driven Design, from prototype stage to repetition part

Design better products

  • Efficient and guided design and optimization process
  • Optimize for different targets (stiffness, weight, factor of safety eg.)
  • Use the integrated material database or user defined materials
  • Analyze linear static systems, modal-analysis and thermal influences
  • Optimize parts using the resulting forces from the motion analysis

Optimized user interface and solver options

  • Intuitive user interface for the whole Inspire family suitable both for beginners and advanced users
  • Guided workflow with interactive tooltips
  • One-Click surface reconstruction with PolyNURBS
  • Motion-simulation with Motion Solve
  • SimSolid for large assemblies

The intuitive user interface and the automatization of laborious modelling tasks makes Altair Inspire very user friendly. Integrated tutorials and Altair’s unique online learning resources make otherwise mandatory expensive trainings dispensable thus increasing return of investment for the company.

Altair Inspire optimization of sheet metal forming
Altair Inspire bionic design