Altair Inspire Cast is the precise and affordable solution to simulate a wide array of casting processes. Ease of use and the ability to model and simulate demanding parts empower the user to improve part and process quality with increased profitability.

Altair Inspire Cast, temperature

Altair Inspire Cast, optimized topology

Increases part quality and profitability

  • Fast determination of manufacturability.
  • Prediction of common defects in the RFQ phase
  • Optimized fill and runner systems.
  • Reduces and replaces trial and error experiments.

Design superior products

  • Visualize material flow and shrinking, avoiding voids.
  • Visualize the solidification and improve the position of gate and runner.
  • Automatic generation of feeder structure and geometry.
  • Supports the ongoing inhouse improvements of the casting process .

Small changes make the difference

The intuitive user interface and the automatization of laborious modelling tasks makes Altair Inspire Cast very user friendly. Integrated tutorials and Altair’s unique online learning resources make otherwise mandatory expensive trainings dispensable thus increasing return of investment for the company.

Altair Inspire Cast, feeder design
Altair Inspire Cast, solidification